Kathrin Berg

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Computer Science Department

University of Pretoria

South Africa

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+27 12 420 3617



I am currently doing my M.Sc.  in Computer Science on Variability Management in Software Product Line Engineering.  I've been working at the University of Pretoria for the Polelo research group since September 2001.



In September 2005, I attended the Rotor RFP II Capstone workshop at Microsoft Research in Redmond. I also met with Clemens Szyperski and Allen Wirfs-Brock at Microsoft and had very interesting conversations with them. On my return, I stopped in Victoria to visit Nigel Horspool and Micaela Serra. See some photos here.


At the beginning of 2005, I spent three months at the Fraunhofer IESE in Kaiserslautern, Germany. There, Dirk Muthig, an expert in Software Product Line Engineering, and some of his colleagues opened my eyes to the interesting challenges of variability management in software product lines.



2004 – to date

M.Sc. Computer Science

University of Pretoria





Specializing in Variability Management in Software Product Line Engineering.






B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science with Distinction

University of Pretoria





Subjects studied: Software Engineering, Component Based Development, Management of Technology and Innovation, Electronic Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Computer and Information Security, Special Topic – “Dealing with the Complexities of Commonality and Variability in Software Engineering Practices”.







2000 - 2002

B.Sc. Information Technology with Distinction

University of Pretoria





Majors: Computer Science, Informatics, Information Science and Multimedia.




2001 – to date

University of Pretoria


Research and Administrative Assistant





Research Topics:     (as from mid-2003)

Software Engineering, Variability Management, Software Product Lines.





Administrative Duties:

Administering Finances, Organizing meetings and social events.



2003 – 2004

SystemicLogic Research Institute







Research Topics:


Process Landscaping, Product Line Practice, Domain Analysis, Feature Modeling.



2001 – 2003

University of Pretoria


Teaching Assistant




Tutoring various undergraduate courses presented by the Computer Science department of the University of Pretoria.



Kathrin Berg, Dirk Muthig and Judith Bishop: Tracing Software Product Line Variability - From Problem to Solution Space. Presented at SAICSIT 2005, September 2005.

Kathrin Berg and Dirk Muthig: A Critical Analysis of Using Feature Models for Variability Management, Technical Report. University of Pretoria, May 2005

Kathrin Berg: Facing the Challenges - Introducing Software Product Line Practices into Large Complex Organizations, Position Paper. Accepted at the Software Product Line Young Researchers Workshop held in conjunction with the SPLC 2004, but could not be presented.

Kathrin Berg, John Müller, Jay van Zyl and Judith Bishop: The Use of Feature Modelling in Component Evolution, Technical Report. University of Pretoria, May 2004.

Kathrin Berg, Judith Bishop and Jay van Zyl: Towards Strategic Reuse in Project-Oriented Environments by Using Software Product Line Practices, Technical Report. University of Pretoria, February 2004.

Kathrin Berg: Dealing with the Complexities of Commonality and Variability in Software Engineering Practices, Special Project. University of Pretoria, January 2004.