About Me
I was born and bred in  Limpopo province in Venda (Nzhelele), I obtained my matric in 1999 at Patrick Rammaano sec school. I am currently doing my honors in computer Science and obtained my junior degree at Rhodes University at grahamstown in 2002.

I really have a passion for programming especially programming in java language. My skills include Visual C++, JAVA, VB, C, CORBA, Networking and  functional programming in haskell.

have always believed that my attitude will always determine my altitude.

U get as much as u give

I am currently involved in the Normad project. The full overview of Normad can be found the main
Polelo website. My  responsibility is building views tutorial website, which will help Views users on how they can use Views. If u are interested in knowing what VIEWS is all about, this  is the best place to go.

In Polelo we don't do computers only but we also have lots of fun. To confirm check some of the photos

University of Pretoria: http://www.up.ac.za
Polelo website: http://www.cs.up.ac.za/polelo
Prof Bishop: http://www.cs.up.ac.za/~jbishop