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International Workshop for Formal Methods and Agile Methods
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Under the umbrella of ICFEM 2009 in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, an International Workshop on Formal Methods plus Agile Methods in Software Engineering was held.

Formal Methods (FM) and Agile Methods (AM) are two different (and rather orthogonal) answers to the Software Crisis which is typically characterised by both error-prone and slow software development processes:

  • Whereas FM has by-and-large focussed its attention on the issue of software correctness, thereby mostly ignoring questions of development speed,
  • AM is by-and-large concerned about the issue of development speed (a.k.a. "time to market"), thereby mostly ignoring the questions of formal soundness and formal correctness.

This workshop, FM+AM'09, aimed at bringing these orthogonal viewpoints together and asked for original papers with new ideas about making formal software developments faster, and rapid software development methods more formally sound, in all phases of the software development cycle.

The motto on the Brasilian flag - Ordem e Progresso - may also be regarded as the motto of our attempts in software science and engineering towards well ordered and swiftly progressing software development processes.


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